Labrador Retriever Club Joint Statement with AKC

A logical contradiction is to declare something is true and then to try to declare that it is not true,  a statement and its denial cannot both be true at the same time. Here is a simple example of a contradiction.   1. I love you and I don’t love you.

Look at this joint statement by the LRC and AKC:

Labrador Retriever Club Silver Labs

In the first paragraph:

The Labrador Retriever Club and AKC both openly admit that the Silver Labrador is purebred.  They both agree that there is no “PROOF” otherwise.

Proof of Silver Labradors

They both freely admit that because of the ‘fault color’, they are to be registered as Chocolates!

They both agree: 

Proof of Silver Labs

Here is where the logical contradiction comes in which makes the whole statement nonsensical !!!!

Dilute Labrador

How do you say that that the Labrador Retriever does not carry the dilute gene or insinuate that it comes from Weimaraners when in the above paragraph you JUST STATED THE OPPOSITE?


Def.:  To be logically committed to the assertion of some statement, S, and its denial, not-S, at the same time.
ID.:  Identify the statement that being both asserted and denied.

These joint statements are posted by bullies all over the internet like some sort of proof that AKC and LRC are in agreement, however, in the very statement itself is self-contradictory, it is so nonsensical and demonstrates the disagreement within the LRC “Labrador Retriever Club” parent club and the American Kennel Club.

When will the Labrador Retriever Club accept reality?

The dilute labrador has arrived, and is here to stay!

Silver and Charcoal Labrador