A “Hasty Generalization” is an informal fallacy of faulty generalization, which involves reaching an inductive generalization based on insufficient evidence —essentially making a rushed conclusion without considering all of the variables. In statistics, it may involve basing broad conclusions regarding the statistics of a survey from a small sample group that fails to sufficiently represent an entire population.

Hasty generalization usually follows the pattern:

    1. X is true for A.
    2. X is true for B.
    3. Therefore, X is true for C, D, E, etc.”

For example, if I say that an individual with blonde hair and another individual with blonde hair caused a car wreck, therefore if an individual with blonde hair wrecks then all blonde-haired individuals cause car wrecks.  This would be an outright falsehood.  The “Hasty generalization” is the type of fallacy that is often used in politics these days on both the left and the right.  This is the same kind of faulty argumentation they use for dilute Labrador Retrievers.


Many black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador Retrievers have some autoimmune issues, and or skin issues, but that doesn’t mean all or even most of those Labradors have those issues.  Their agenda is to find a few dilute labs with skin issues and try to make this say “ALL dilutes” have these issues when this is blatantly false!  Many many dilute Labradors have healthy coats and no allergies.  The key is to find a good breeder and not to just buy a silver Labrador out of the newspaper.  DO your homework. There are quality dilute Labradors and those who have poor breeding techniques.  Choose wisely and you can avoid supporting dilute Labrador breeders who don’t do genetic testing and don’t take into consideration general Labrador health issues!


This LIE has been debunked for a long time, but for whatever reason the Black, Yellow, and Chocolate only breeders keep perpetuating a lie.   When you call and ask AKC what color to register your Labrador Retriever, they tell you, please register your lab by their base coat color. Charcoal is Black, Silver is Chocolate, and Yellow is Champagne.   This is the TRUTH in spite of their lie.  The parent club known as the LRC  ( Labrador Retriever Club ) hates the fact that the Registry, which is AKC, allowed these dogs to be registered since 1987 with Labrador Retriever as the breed by parents or parentage.  If you are curious about the origin of the dilute Labrador, read our other blogs about “Two Histories One Conclusion.”

As for them not being purebred, as you will read in the “Two Histories One Conclusion” blog post, the reality is when AKC occasionally opens their studbooks for other breeds, for example, the Basenji, they allowed wild African Basenji dogs into their breed to broaden the bloodline and COI for their breed.  AKC considered them purebred after breeding them back into the mainline population after the third generation.  Most genetic testing for dogs today which test for the breed, have over 100 to 200 genetic markers to determine breed type.  These markers are calculated to the 5th generation and again whether the dog was bred in by another breed, or it was the actual dilute gene from a Newfoundland or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, at this point in the breed history the point is MOOT !  They are many generations in since 1987 and there is no going back now!

  • LIE #3 – The latest lie is that there are “BLIND” dogs that come from the dilute gene.  This is an unequivocal lie….

What the “Propaganda Artists” do from the other side is they run with this “Hasty Generalization Fallacy” and find a dog with a deformity or issue and say, “SEE all dilute dogs are blind because this one dog is blind.”  This is an outright lie and it’s unfortunate that people can’t simply have a difference of opinion and let these beautiful and purebred Labradors exist without so much animosity.

Dilute Labradors are amazing quality Labradors, only shades of difference ! What we would encourage you to do is not solely look to find the next dilute lab in the paper or even an online search but take some time and do your research to find the right “Breeder.”  It will make all the difference!


Don’t believe the Lies Lies Lies and propaganda put out by the people who are mad that there are stunning dilute dogs in their breed and have been for the past 50 years and counting!

Someday, they will have to accept reality, until then, happy diluting!