After briefly blogging about Labrador Color Bullying in the previous post, this is how some of those who choose to bully others responded to our post. It doesn’t take long for their hate to continue to spew.  Please put an end to Cyber Bullying.

Notice them discussing

  1. ‘Purity’ as if we are doing something unsanctioned by the breed registry (which we are not).
  2. Then they attack our character by telling us to put our big pants on because we must not be adults.
  3. Lastly, they tell us to “Suck It” and respond with a picture of a opossum while commenting that it doesn’t have AKC Papers.

This is the type of bullying that Dilute Labrador enthusiasts have to deal with and this example is mild compared to many others!  Make sure to share the last blog post and encourage others to “be civilized” and offer “reasonable discourse” if they want to debate.  The attempt at intimidation and shaming must cease!